Saturday, April 26, 2008

Eli's Sounds of Frustration (mixed in with eating a pear)

This video was taken this evening after Eli refused to take an afternoon nap (I tried unsuccessfully off and on for almost 2 hours - he kept pulling himself up to standing in the crib and would cry and cry and cry...). So Eli was pretty cranky and unpredictable by dinnertime.

Some things to mention:

1. We were impressed at the speed at which Eli eats the pear
2. When Eli is frustrated, his whole body shows it (I like the arm movements)
3. His facial expressions are pretty funny too (when he's frustrated)
4. He intersperses quite a few angry sounds in betwen eating the pear - the best is the last 20 seconds.


Anne's Little Life said...

That was great. He's turning into such a little boy. I'm impressed he never threw the pear on the floor. Such restraint!

Laura said...

Crazy! He is soo cute! dont' you just hate the throwing the food on the ground stuff!! It drives me bonkers! Harrison is refusing to take naps too and they certainly act funny when they are over tired! I love the bike and helmet for him!! How Fun!

Amber Ro said...

what a hoot! I'm glad you catch these things on camera. fun for his future dates and spouse.