Sunday, April 06, 2008

Lake Michigan without Frozen Ice Chunks

We walked to our favorite park today in between sessions of General Conference. The lake looked so pretty and blue! We're so thankful for sunshine and spring weather - it was in the 50s and just beautiful.

As we walked through the park, there were people everywhere - playing on the playground, walking along the harbor, sailing, playing soccer, etc. We even stopped and watched a few minutes of a high school rugby game - we figured they were club teams (since it was on Sunday). I've never actually watched rugby... it seemed pretty rough (but entertaining)!


jcsev said...

Some poor baby abandoned in his stroller in the background! ;) Looks beautiful. I am so happy things are warming up there,for you, finally!!

Suzette Selden said...

It looks so pretty! What a fun day.

emandteem said...

we went for a walk, too, but we got hailed on. For once, I'd rather be in Chicago.