Wednesday, April 09, 2008

One Other Interesting Article - on Consumption

Today's Red Eye calculates consumption by Chicagoans. Click on the link for the entire story - I pasted in some of the stats below. My favorite stat is the famous Garrett's popcorn consumption!

"Calculations are based on the latest population estimate for the city of Chicago of 2.8 million, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Estimates assume that Chicagoans reflect national consumption averages cited by National Geographic Channel. In its calculations, National Geographic assumed that the average American lives to be 77.75 years old. Here's a look at what Chicagoans, on average, consume in one year."

Pints of milk: 476 million
Cups of coffee: 1.4 billion
Bananas: 184 million
Oranges: 469 million
Apples (fresh or processed): 407 million
Pineapples: 9.5 million
Slices of bread: 3.1 billion
Cans of soda: 1.5 billion
Candy bars: 529 million
Hamburgers: 441 million
Eggs: 722 million
Chickens: 51 million
Pounds of potatoes: 361 million
Pounds of Garrett popcorn: approximately 480,000
Vienna Beef hot dogs in the Chicagoland area: 103 million
Jimmy John's sandwiches: more than 2.2 million

If you attended any of the 83 Cubs games and two concerts in 2007, chances are you bought something to eat and drink at a concession stand.

Here's what Wrigley Field fans consumed last year:
Sodas: 637,542
Bottles of water: 420,427
Hot dogs: 1.4 million
Pretzels: 242,761
Bags of peanuts: 324,894
Nachos: 237,693
Draft beers: 1.8 million

If you sampled the city's fare at the 10-day Taste of Chicago last year, you helped contribute to these tallies:
Slices of cheesecake: 249,000
Chocolate-dipped strawberries: 79,000
Ears of corn: 127,360
Servings of crab legs: 25,000
Pieces of funnel cake: 40,000
Servings of ice cream: 175,000
Scoops of Italian ice: 80,000
Servings of Jambalaya: 50,000
Pounds of turkey legs: 165,000
Tacos: 147,000
Pounds of ribs: 103,000
Slices of pizza: 293,600
Slices of watermelon: 40,000
Bottles/cans recycled: 641,184

Showers taken: 1 billion
Bars of soap: 23 million
Bottles of shampoo: 7.2 million
Tubes of toothpaste: 14 million
Deodorants: 9.9 million
Toothbrushes: 5.6 million
Tubes of hair gel: 1.2 million
Pounds of laundry generated: 1.4 billion

TVs: 364,414
Computers: 546,621
Microwaves: 291,531
Washing machines: 255,089
Refrigerators: 182,207
Cars: 437,297
Air conditioners: 255,089


Heather said...

More cans of soda than apples, oranges and bananas combined. Yikes.

Beckie said...

that is interesting!
ok as for my Google Reader - it stops counting at 1000, so it just said 1000+ but it was a TON and I just marked all as read except my friends and Jasmine I just have to catch up on all those blogs...I think it will take forever already my google ready says I have 364 blogs that have been updated...I think that tastespotting one takes up a lot of updates and the chicago news ones...
thanks again for my YUMM-O b-day cake!!! and my fun gift!