Friday, April 11, 2008

Fun Finds at Target

Today the weather is wonderful!! It's in the low 60s and humid. I don't always love the humidity, but this time it feels so so pleasant outside. I know I have to enjoy it, because tomorrow the forecast is 39 degrees with rain and snow. Go figure!

This morning Eli woke up at the happy hour of 6:15 a.m. (it's better than 5:30, right?) We had breakfast, played for a while, danced to last night's American Idol results show, and then it was 7:30. I decided we might have time to run to Target really fast before his first nap - I have been meaning to go for weeks now, but things were too busy and I never made it over there.

We arrived at Target at 7:42 a.m. I took Eli out of the car, walked up to the doors... and realized it wouldn't open until 8 a.m. Aahh! So I waited around for 18 minutes with my starting-to-get-sleepy little boy... (not the best way to start of a shopping trip! He was a trooper though.)

I found some fun, cute basics (for me). My favorite thing? (this will sound so lame but bear with me) Shorts with just a little elastic! I got a dark blue pair for $16.99. Such a deal! I love that they don't look like elastic shorts, but they have the comfort factor.

AND... at least with this pair, I can bend over and not feel like my rear end is showing - it almost seems like the elastic helps keep the shorts in the right place, where they belong (rather than just gaping open). I got the Juniors' Mossimo Bermuda Shorts in Carbon. I will admit - there are definitely more hip shorts out there, but these are perfect for summertime activities with Eli - going to the park, beach, etc.

Lastly, I wanted to share the link to a recipe for Blondie Bars that looks SO fantastic. I can't wait to try this recipe! The special ingredients that make these bars stand out? Peanut butter, peanuts, cinnamon, chocolate chips, coconut... (sorry to those with peanut allergies) All of my favorite things - Yum.

*I found this recipe on Tastespotting - I added it to my Google Reader list and it has tons of great recipes from different food blogs every day - . It's easy to just scroll through (on the Reader) and click on the pictures that jump out at me. The picture is from the blog, The Kitchen Sink.

**This really is the last thing - but I learned an HTML tip that might be useful for other bloggers - if you put a link in your post and want it to open in another screen (you'll see what I mean if you click on the links in this post) - go to Edit HTML (the tab next to Compose), find the html reference to the link, and just after the link and quotation marks (but before the greater than sign (>), type target=blank. It's pretty easy!


Sarah Beck said...

I love Target--probably one of my favourite stores ever. I hate looking for shorts. I have the too-small waist, fat thigh problem so my waist is either gaping or my thighs are skin-tight. I'm glad you found a cute pair though, I'll have to check them out. And that blondie recipe looks superb

Heather said...

Today really was such a fun, spring, almost-stormy day!

Hillary said...

Those blondie bars look so good. I might have to make them myself.

I'm glad you found some cute shorts at Target. I always walk by their women's clothes department, and I really want to shop but they seem too fashionable for me.

Krazy Khania said...

I can't believe you made it a few weeks without hitting Target! Very impressive- I can't go that long.

Marci said...

I'm excited about the HTML tip, but can't find where you are talking about - the only edit HTML I see is under layout? I keep looking for "Compose" so maybe that's my problem because I can't find that either :-).

Sarah S said...

Hey! Here are better directions:

From your blog, go to Edit Posts. Find a post that you know has a link in it, and click Edit. Once you in the editing screen, the tan space right above where you type your blog post has two tabs in the upper right part of the box - Edit HTML and Compose. Click on Edit HTML, then find a link in the text. After the link (which ends with quotes), type target=blank right before the greater than sign (which is this: >). Then click Publish Post and it should be work!

LINDSAY said...

I hate when you go somewhere and they haven't opened yet or they just closed. Annoying! Those treats look yummy!

Beckie said...

those are cute shorts! i can't tell that they are elastic... those treats look yummy!!!