Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Some Random Thoughts

My sugar buzz has worn off from yesterday and I'm back to normal, healthier eating. I have been catching up some of the local news this morning - here are a few stories that caught my eye:

1. It never ceases to amaze me that Chicago and the state of Illinois still has corruption and clout in its politics. I am absolutely disgusted by the Tony Rezko case. Rezko has been charged with fraud - he fundraised for our current governor, Rod Blagojevich, and used his political connections to manipulate state boards, making millions of dollars in the process. *You can read coverage of the case here.

Teen Killed, 2 Others Wounded in Chicago Shootings - this is the 22nd student in the Chicago Public Schools system who has died during this school year (and the 20th who has died from gun violence). We urgently need stronger gun laws and a crackdown on gang violence. Most of the teens have been killed on the city's west and south sides, which are notoriously dangerous. Ben and I took a woman home on Christmas (a few years ago) to see her family on the west side, and it was one of the scariest neighborhoods we've ever been in. I can't imagine what life is like for children growing up in these areas.

Man Holds Wife Hostage at Gunpoint at Evergreen Park mall - the 22-yr-old guy was shirtless as he held a gun to his wife's head. Ridiculous.

On a lighter note, I was totally fooled by an April Fool's Day joke... my friend was playing a trick on her mom, but she fooled me too :)

And something that totally made my day - my friend Ashley sent a link to these fantastic Tracy Joy DSLR camera straps. So cute!! The Reese bag looks fun too - it beats carrying my Nikon around in a bulky, ugly black camera bag...


Wendy Weiler King said...

I TOTALLY fell for Brooke's joke too. Good one! Also, did I tell you we bit the bullet and bought a Nikon DSLR? Just like yours! To be honest, I haven't played with it much (at all really) but Harley is thrilled! Now we can take fabulous pictures of our little one too:)

The Millers said...

Sorry about all the bad news in Chicago. I never hear about that kind of stuff in Denver! Well, not never, but if that will get you to move here, we can pretend that stuff never happens here.

Love ya.

brookie said...

Sarah! Glad you and Wendy were such good sports about my stupid April fools joke - My sister still won't speak to me. I haven't bought my DSLR yet, but I've started my Nikon fund and I think I'm leaning towards buying at Wolf so I get the classes to go with it! But in my research phase, I came across some really cute camera bags at www.shootsac.com. There are lots of awesome designs for covers, but they look pretty pricey. Just thought I'd pass the sight along!

Mrs. Dub said...

Seriously, Chicago politics and violence get me so down. It's like we live in a different dimension here.

And what's with all the house fires? Have you noticed how many more house fires there are here than out West? I guess that's older home for you.