Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ben's Fishing Trip

Ben LOVES to fish. I would say that and playing soccer are his favorite hobbies. Last night he went over to the harbor at Lake Michigan near our home and caught this brown trout. We grilled it for dinner!

And while Eli and I were in Utah last weekend, Ben decided to take advantage of the time to himself and went fishing in Michigan on Saturday. He got up at 3 a.m., drove four hours into NW Michigan, and caught lots of fish! Then he drove four hours back to Chicago and was home by 11 p.m. I think he was exhausted on Sunday. (Ben didn't bring home any of the fish this time - or the turtle)

He caught two steelhead, shown above and below:

That first steelhead was pretty big!

He caught a turtle (not with his fishing pole!):

He caught four small-mouth bass:
And about 20 trout:


Aaron and Emily said...

I am so glad you got to eat trout. I am so excited to eat some trout when we go to Burney.

That is a cool turtle! I bet 15 years ago, Ben would've kept it and brought it home.

Stephanie said...

All that fish and he didn't bring any home? tisk, tisk, tisk!

Beckie said...

oh I love the cute turtle! Ben that's great that you got to get out and enjoy yourself! I bet you can't wait until Eli can join you!!

Marci said...

I know Mike will be jealous when he sees this! Probably the things we miss most about Utah are Cafe Rio (me) and fishing (Mike).

Christina Huling said...

Sounds yummy! Is he not allowed to keep the fish from Michigan (?) Sounds like you could freeze them for a lot of dinners, but might not be worth the transport. He sounds like a good fisherman!