Monday, May 05, 2008

Abbie's Baptism and Isaac's Blessing

Here are some pictures from my time with Ben's family for my nephew Isaac's baby blessing and my niece Abbie's baptism.

Baby Isaac all spiffed up in his blessing outfit

Ben's parents, Larry and Cheryl, holding Isaac

Abbie on her baptism day

Severson grandparents, Floyd and Frankie

Ben's sister Heather and her cute family

Eli with Emma and Abbie

Eli thought they were so fun

Eli and Grandma

Ben's sister Danielle's little girl, Dawna

Eli enjoying warm weather outside in the grass

Eli with Ben's brother Paul

Becca and Paul

This was the cutest thing! Heather's next-door neighbor was caring for baby lambs, so we went over to see them

We went to Cabella's to see the daily fish feeding (they throw live goldfish in these huge tanks and the fish go crazy). There were a lot of people crammed in to a small space to watch the feeding and Eli started feeling claustrophobic. He and I didn't stay for the whole thing.

Danielle and her sweet (and pleasantly plump) 4-month-old baby Lawrence

Me and Eli

Me laughing at Eli's strange expressions

Eli mauling his cousin Hannah in a loving way :)

Becca, baby Lawrence, Severson Grandparents

Look at those cute rolls! He's 17 pounds. Eli is 20 pounds!

Dawna and Danielle



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