Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Visiting with Grandpa and Judy

One of the reasons I went to Utah was to surprise my Grandpa with a visit. I called his wife Judy on Friday afternoon (she knew ahead of time that I was coming), and they were walking in to see a movie with my cousin Jenny. So I decided to give it a try with Eli and spend time with them there. Amazingly, Eli thought the loud previews were really fun and then fell asleep during most of the movie. It was fun to see the surprised look on my Grandpa's face and to hang out afterward.

Eli loved this little Spiderman chair at Grandpa and Judy's house. They had lots of fun toys for him to play with! We also spent Sunday afternoon and evening with them. We went to their house after church and then drove up to my Uncle Doug and Aunt Kathy's home for dinner. I have lots of fond memories of dinner at Doug and Kathy's house when I was going to BYU - they make the yummiest meals! It was fun to see my cousins and show off Eli. He was very smiley and fun there.

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Amber Ro said...

Sounds like you need a vacation to rest after your vacation. I'm jealous by how much you've been able to travel lately!