Monday, October 13, 2008


Last Wednesday, we went downtown after Eli's nap and picked Ben up Ben from work.

We had fun walking around Michigan Avenue.

Ben and Larry wanted to check out the fly rod sale at Orvis, so Eli and I hung out near the front of the store with this large stuffed dog. Eli LOVED the dog. I didn't buy it for him though, it was $60.

We stopped at the Disney store, and Eli was so excited. He had fun carrying around this huge Nemo fish.

I didn't buy it for him either.
We had dinner at the Grand Lux (the restaurant where Brittany and I had lunch a few weeks ago). Larry and Cheryl shared a berry fizz drink, which looked delicious. I couldn't try it because I'm allergic to strawberries.
Eli was really well behaved through dinner, which I was thankful for.
It was a fun night to be downtown! Below is a video of Eli loving the dog at Orvis :)


LINDSAY said...

After seeing that video I think that now you have a house it's time for a puppy... :)

Anne's Little Life said...

I love the Grand Lux. It's such a fun place to eat when you're downtown....if you can manage to get there when there's not a two hour wait.