Friday, October 31, 2008

Crazy Lion

I think we've gotten good use out of Eli's costume this year. He wore it on four different occasions in the last week. There was our church Halloween party last weekend, a friend's birthday party this week, and then trick-or-treating in the morning and afternoon today. Here are some of my favorite shots of the crazy lion :)

Here we are this morning at our playgroup get together - trick-or-treating in the Glencoe shops.
These are some of the kids that were there - others joined up with us later.

Eli's face when I asked him what a lion says - "ROAR!"

This is from this afternoon - we did some trick or treating in our neighborhood first... it was exhausting for the little guy!
We ended up carrying him the majority of the time.
And at one point, he put this lollipop in his mouth - wrapper still in tact. And refused to take it out (we finally got him to let us take the wrapper off when we got home, so he wouldn't just eat soggy paper)
Later we stopped by the Klearmans' neighborhood to see the kids in their costumes. Here's Caroline as a mermaid and Drew as Darth Vader.
And here's a lovely picture of all three of us :)
When we were home for the night, we took Eli's costume off - it was so warm today (close to 70 degrees - highly unusual for Chicago) that Eli didn't need to be bundled up under his costume. He thought it was hilarious to be "naky" even though he still had plenty on.
I love his chubby little legs! Hope you had a nice Halloween :)


jcsev said...

He is so cute! Where did you get such a cute costume!? Looks like Eli has had a great Halloween!

Sarah S said...

It's from babystyle (online). We got his caterpillar costume from there last year too.

Kelly Durham said...

That is one seriously cute lion!

Aaron and Emily said...

So he hasn't started running around the house completely nakey yet? I love the lollipop story. Something about lollipops that kids that age love...

I love that Eli and Samuel had matching outfits this year!

Aaron and Emily said...

Just like they have matching bible stories.

Rachel said...

It is a super cute costume for a super cute little boy!

Heather said...

I wish I could have heard him growl like a lion!

shontz said...

you guys are so smart...getting such great use out of halloween costumes and maternity clothes! are you so excited to wear that cute puff jacket again?? hope you guys are doing well...we missed glencoe trick or treating with you this year.