Monday, March 31, 2008

The 12-Week Challenge is Over!!

First of all, the babyproofing I put off for so long is now here to haunt me!
Eli loves the freedom that comes with crawling (he still loves to walk, but only when I'm able to be right by him in case he tips over). Now he into EVERYTHING! Especially cords - from the computer, from cell phone chargers, the cordless phone base, whatever he can get his little hands on. I'm rapidly trying to find solutions for getting these out of his reach, but some things are a little tricky. Eli is much happier though going wherever he wants to without depending on me to hurry up and help him!
Second, the Healthy Living Challenge is officially OVER!! Remember these?
I had one for breakfast (well, two of them actually :).
Yesterday I was counting down the hours til midnight when I could take a bite of my favorite treat, but ended up falling asleep before that and thus ate it for breakfast. I am happy that I did the healthy living challenge, but SO glad it's over! I haven't had a can of pop in 12 weeks. And I've suffered through exercising while sick and drinking WAY too much V8 (1 serving of V8=2 servings of vegetables - with the challenge I had to get 3 servings of veggies a day - so V8 helped a ton).

Things I (hope) to continue now that the challenge is over:
  • Getting 7 hours of sleep each day
  • Drinking 64 oz of water each day
  • Exercising daily
  • Eating lots of fruits/veggies (but not caring so much about getting such large quantities)
  • Staying away from sweets/junk food

I am happy with my personal results - this morning before I put the coconut patty in my mouth, my official end of the challenge weigh-in put me at losing 9.5 pounds! I went down one pant size, but still need to tone my stomach more so I won't feel so flabby when I sit down :)

It's amazing how good you feel when you don't eat things like coconut patties or chips or other foods that aren't the best for your body, but instead fill up on healthier options. Hopefully I won't go too far off the deep end today enjoying all the sweet treats I've neglected lately! Last week I had to use my free points on exercise (because I was still sick in the beginning of the week), so I was really craving something sweet by this weekend.

I was so sad because I forgot to email my points in on time the week Eli was hospitalized (I totally lost track of what day it was), so I didn't get the bonus point (for sending points in by Mon. night). That put me down at second place (tied with some others). I haven't heard what the exact breakdown is of how much $$ I won.

Sorry to bore you with all of this - I'm off to eat some jellybeans that I bought before Easter (but haven't had the chance to indulge on until now!). Yum!


jcsev said...

Haha Sarah! You make me laugh. This morning Ansel offered me a pepperidge farm chocolate chip cookie, and my habit response was "no thanks", but then I said "Wait, I CAN have one. . .THanks!!" Of course then I felt the sugar rush and wished I had not. I am glad it is over too, I lost 21 lbs on it!! Whoo hoo!! YES!! Of course, there is still more to lose. :( Oh well.

Rachie said...

I think I would go a little crazy after 12 weeks "healthy living".

Rachael said...

Yeah Sarah! I will be home soon and ready to make treats so give em a call.

The Yost Family said...

Way to go Sarah! 9.5 and staying away from junk food is hard to do!

Katie and Greg said...

Amazing! I'm so proud of you - those challenges always can change your perspective - even when they are over! I did a 5-a-day challenge back when I worked at BYU (before Chicago) where you had to eat five fruits or vegetables a day. Since then I automatically try to fit fruits and veggies in every meal. And we always have a fruit and vegetable as a side for dinner! I am so, so, so impressed that you made it past the Easter candy as well as the Coconut Patties - those are you fav!