Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Uncle Munkle!

Today my brother Davey turns 24. I'm waiting for Eli to wake up from his nap so we can call and sing happy birthday to his "Uncle Munkle."

Eli has always had a bond with Davey - he lives the closest to us (about 30 minutes away) and Eli will actually sometimes talk to him on the phone. Here are some reasons why Eli loves Davey:

  • Davey is funny and makes Eli smile
  • They both love soft stuffed animals
  • They both love animated characters (I'm sure in the future, Eli will have fun seeing movies w/ Davey)
  • They are both picky eaters and have particular foods that they like
  • They both love animals
  • Davey loves children and is always kind and friendly to them, but he doesn't try too hard either, which Eli appreciates
Eli was NOT in a good mood this morning (he seriously cried/threw fits through most of playgroup, which we were hosting at our house today - it was lovely), but I'm hoping he'll give Davey a big hug tonight when we meet up for dinner. We've lucked out and it's another beautiful day - I can't remember the last time we had a few 70-degree days in Chicago in November! We're supposed to drop to 40 degrees with snow by this weekend though, so we're savoring every bit of sunshine while we can...
Hope you're having a great birthday so far Davey!


Marci said...

Happy Birthday to Davey! I can't believe he is 24 - WOW! Today is my grandfather's birthday too...what a good day :-)!

Beckie said...

Very sweet!

happy birthday Davey!!!

Kelly D. said...

I hope you guys had fun last night! I loved this post. One of my favorite things is watching my kids develop special relationships with people I love. I can tell you feel the same way!