Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving morning - coloring with Grandpa

This was the first time Eli used markers. Luckily they were washable because he had marker all over his hands.

Davey (Uncle Munkle) looking stuff up online... he's always looking for a play or concert to go to
Eli's Thanksgiving day haircut - his hair was pretty shaggy!
Even with the lollipop bribe, Eli wasn't loving the haircut, as usual
Later, some of us went to the park on the lakefront while the food was still cooking. Here's Abbie and Hannah on the playground:
Heather and Isaac
Abbie with crazy hair after going down the slide:
Emma right side up:
Emma upside down:
Davey pushing Isaac in the swing:
Hannah flying high in her swing:
Davey, my dad, Emma, Abbie, Hannah, Ben, Rob, Heather, Isaac freezing at the lake:
Later, Ben carving the 22-lb turkey - it was delish!
Eli with my mom and Gram:
At the beginning of dinner, taken w/out the flash:
A little later, with the flash:
My dad gave Eli a spoonful of whip cream - he LOVED it...
After stuffing ourselves with way too much food, we headed over to the bowling alley. A family in our ward rented the space for the night and lots of families came - it was so fun! Eli had a blast dancing to the music (I wish I had a video because he had some serious dance moves :) I got lots of bowling ball comments (in reference to my huge belly) and did my best to bowl, but it wasn't so easy being this pregnant.
Eli with my mom, hanging out while people were bowling:


Jodie, Stefan and Natalia said...

hosting all those family members must have been a bit exhausting being pregnant, but I'm sure it was nice having a house where you can fit everyone! the pictures are adorable. i love family time around the holidays!

LINDSAY said...

HUGE TURKEY!!!! Did you have any leftovers? Looks like a great dinner.

Danielle said...

I heard Rave Reviews from the Reeves about that turkey...and actually about the entire Chicago trip. I'm glad you had such a blast!