Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Happy Birthday

I turned 28 today. Whoo hoo! Here are some things that have made today/my birthday special:

1. My parents came over yesterday to help me get ready for this busy week. We have Ben's sister Heather, her husband Rob, and their four cute kids flying in tonight and I had lots to do! My mom ran errands with me and Eli while my dad was at our place working remotely on his laptop during the day, and they both helped in the evening too to get our house clean. My mom even made my favorite chocolate chip cookies. AND she drove to a very far Baskin Robbins location to get my favorite ice cream turtle pie for my birthday. I scored one of my mom's beautiful handmade aprons as an early birthday present and some money to go toward our couch fund - so nice!

2. I opened my birthday gift from Aunt Babz - it is the cutest frog wallet I have EVER seen. And probably the cutest wallet I have ever owned. Thank you!!

3. It's a beautiful (but cold), sunny day with bright blue skies. I had breakfast this morning at Walker Brother's with some wonderful friends. The potato pancakes were delicious and it was so fun to get together. I even got applesauce in my hair a few times, courtesy of myself or Eli, I'm not sure which one.
4. After two days of not napping again, Eli took the world's longest nap today!! I put him down at 11:30 (earlier than usual) since he seemed really tired at breakfast. He slept for almost 4 hours! I had the most relaxing time, catching up on blogs, reading magazines that I've fallen behind on, and enjoying a quiet house. Here are some pictures after his nap:

5. Tuesday is trash day, and we have three different trucks come through our alley - one picks up trash, another picks up recycling, and another picks up yard waste. The recycling guys found an envelope with a check inside and actually returned it to me! I had the envelope sticking out of the mailbox and it must have flown out - they found it in the alley and rang my doorbell. I called our city's Streets and Sanitation and told the supervisor how wonderful these guys were.

6. I've had fun phone calls, voice mails, blog messages and facebook comments with happy birthday wishes - thank you :) And last night Eli was so cute, singing parts of Happy Birthday to me - it totally made my night. I captured a tiny bit of it on video:


kell-bell said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!

I'm glad you're having a fun day full of potato pankcakes and long naps!!

LINDSAY said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! I'm happy you're having a great day. You deserve it!

Heather said...

Happy 28th! That has got to be the sweetest video I've ever seen. And I love Eli's bed-head. I'm glad you had a good day!

Marci said...

Happy Birthday! I didn't realize it was your special day but it looks like it was wonderful! I LOVE Eli's little version...so cute :-)!

that girl said...

happy birthday! i love that you called the trash guy's company. way to go.

The Yosts said...

That's great that you got a check returned to you! There are good people out there :)

Glad you had a great day!

Aimee said...

Happy birthday! And turtle pie, I'm with you on that one! Glad you had a good day.

Kelly D. said...

Happy Birthday (one day late)! Fingers crossed Eli took another long nap today :)

The Knisley's said...

We've been so busy with wedding stuff...but I wanted to wish you a happy belated birthday!!! I'm thinking of you!!