Thursday, January 15, 2009

Enjoying Eli

With a short amount of time left before baby #2 arrives, I'm trying to spend lots of quality time with Eli. He loves picking out books to read and we'll go through a huge stack in one sitting. He also loves playing with trains and looking at the pictures of all of the different Thomas trains (we have a paper that came with one of his trains that shows the whole collection).

Today I went to the doctor - I'm still just 1cm dilated (same as last week), but now I'm slightly effaced. So that's all good news! I have plenty of Braxton-Hicks contractions and have had some cramping this week, but there is no indication when this baby will decide to make his appearance. It's fun to wonder what our second little boy is going to look like - will he be just like Eli or totally different? Will they look like siblings? Will he have blue eyes, blonde hair? I think Eli realizes the baby is almost here (we definitely talk about it more).I'm happy to say he has been much better about napping lately, which is a huge relief. But he is getting more bold too - climbing on things more... And finally, the air is so dry in our house that we often shock each other with static electricity (not on purpose). Eli loves to say, "shock" - and I think it's so cute because he says it with a Chicago accent - "shahhk" or however you would write that phonetically. And since I love to complain about the weather - the actual temp right now is -4 degrees. Wind chill is -23. The sun is shining brightly though, which makes it not seem quite as bad. Some parts of our house are pretty cold - the closets, the family room (which was an addition at some point), and our kitchen nook must all have zero insulation, because they are chilly - especially the floors and walls.

I should be writing my article due next week, but I think I'm going to go climb into my warm bed and take a nap instead :)

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Mike, Jess and Elijah said...

Yes, you must really be trying to savor quality time before your next little bundle arrives. Well, you've really had some cold days to do nothing but mess around in the in the house and enjoy each other!