Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One Week Old

It's a little hard to believe a week has passed since Charlie was born. But I will say I feel SO much better than I did even a few days ago. Charlie is such a good baby - he has spent a good chunk of his first week sleeping and eating. He loves lounging in the boppy (shown below) that I won in one of the blog contests - it's snug and cozy for him and he often sits there looking around and eventually falls asleep.

Ben went back to work today. I was so glad he had a week off to help at home - Eli had a blast playing with him so much. Ben also did a ton around the house to get things organized and cleaned up. My parents were here through the weekend and then went home for a few days, and now my mom is coming back this afternoon to help for a few more days.
This morning I felt so happy - I was able to feed both kids and myself breakfast, take a shower, give Charlie a bath, and cleaned/organized my closets (basically realizing I have about 3 things that fit me right now in my awkward, very recent postpartum shape).

So after the first week, here are some stats:

  • At his last drs appointment (Monday), Charlie weighed 7 lb 12 oz. Not bad since he'd of course lost weight in the first days after the birth. He's gaining an ounce a day, so that's right on track. I was a little worried because he was such a fast eater, but now I'm realizing it's a blessing!

  • Packs of gum that I've gone through while nursing this week - 4 (it is still pretty painful, but things were much worse w/ Eli when he was a newborn, so I can't complain too much)

  • Pounds lost - a measly 12. Come on, Charlie was 8 of those 12!! It took a while for my belly to go down after having Eli, so I didn't have too high of hopes, but still! I'm not one of the lucky few that can fit back into their normal jeans a week after delivery, darn it :)

  • Number of times I have kissed Charlie's cheeks - every time he's in my arms, he gets at least five :) Those cheeks are SO soft and chubby. I just love it.

  • Number of times Eli has been sweet with Charlie - too many to count. Last night Eli kept bringing books over to show Charlie and would point at the pictures and talk about them. It was so cute! He loves his little brother and so far hasn't been too jealous.

I'll post more pictures soon... but I'm off to get a nap in while I can!


Sarah Beck said...

sounds like you're making the adjustment to 2 quite nicely! Charlie is so darn cute!

Marci said...

I'm glad Eli is loving Charlie so much! He looks so snuggled in his boppy :-).

Aaron and Emily said...

Oh, I want to kiss his cheeks too!

DC Diva said...

Sarah! I have been out of town and on blogcation FOREVER! CONGRATS!!! Charlie (love the name) is so cute -- love those cheeks! I see a lot of Eli in him. I'm so glad you went into labor on Inauguration Day and had a successful VBAC! I'm so proud of you! Yay for the Seversons!!!!!

Kelly D. said...

That picture almost made me cry it's so cute!

Don't feel bad, I'm DEFINITELY in the "Can't Fit In Normal Jeans A Week After Delivery" club. Heck, I'm in the "Can't Fit in Normal Jeans Six Months After Delivery" club. Do NOT feel bad. One time my mom came out of the hospital weighing MORE than when she did before delivery (they left the IV on too long or something).

I'm glad nursing isn't quite as bad this time around and that things are going smoothly so far! Thanks for keeping up on your blog :)

Anne's Little Life said...

He's so adorable. Congratulations Sarah! I'm glad Eli seems to be making the adjustment well and I'm glad everything went well with the delivery. You earned it!

Hillary said...

Sounds like things are settling down a little bit more. And I'm glad that you have had help from your parents and Ben. It helps so much in the first few weeks to have support. You can do it! I'm glad that nursing is going better this time around. It can be pretty painful those first few weeks but it usually gets better.