Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'll Change the Blog Name Soon...

I'm having a hard time changing the top of my blog, but it's time... it's no longer just Eli Love (I am way too sentimental about the picture though)! But in honor of the blog's first star, here are some fun things about Eli this week.

First - his crib is exploding with stuffed animals. The child has WAY too many favorites - a few frogs, a few dogs, Elmo ("Ha Ha"), a manatee, an elephant, a bunny, a kitty, a bear, a dolphin...

These stuffed animals make Eli so happy.

But sometimes he's a little bossy, even from the boundaries of the crib:

This week he started counting to 10 - we discovered this when we were reading one of his favorite books, 10 Little Ladybugs (he first loved this book when we were visiting Amber in Atlanta). At the end of the story, we always count the 10 ladybugs on the last page, and last night he did it all on his own!

He has also had a funny sense of humor lately - he picks up on when we're being silly and calls us on it - "Silly Daddy!" or "Silly (fill in the blank)" with whatever we're playing with, whether it's his froggy, a train, etc. I love hearing him say, "Silly Charlie" when Charlie burps or makes a funny face.

Eli has also been really cuddly since Charlie was born - especially with Ben. On Tuesday (Ben's last day at home before going back to work), Eli kept going up to him and putting his arm around his neck in a side hug. It was very sweet.

And for some Charlie news, we took him to the doctor today, and he's now 8 lb 2 oz, back to his birth weight! We don't have to bring him back until he's a month old now since he hit that milestone. This means he gained 6 ounces in three days, which is a lot for a little guy. We may have a chunker in no time :)

I love both of my little boys so much! I'm still taking blog name suggestions, so keep 'em coming! :)


Young Family said...

They are both so cute. It is amazing how grown up a little one is when a new baby enters the house.

Hillary said...

They are so cute. And those little things that Eli has been doing reminds me so much of Leah. It's so cool to see how kids of the same age do such similar things. Leah has been really cuddly with both of us since Cameron was born and wanting extra attention if we are looking and talking to him. I guess it's a process of getting used to having a sibling. Good luck with the blog names. I don't have any suggestions. Sorry.

Melissa said...

How about Brotherly Love, Twice the Love, or A whole lotta Lovin'