Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snowy Weekend

Sorry for my depressing post yesterday. Sarah's pity party is over. Everything's better on the weekend! :)

This morning we woke up to more snow - we have about 9 inches total from the last two days. It's supposed to snow more throughout the day. Our neighbor was so nice and used his snowblower on our front sidewalk, so Ben just had to shovel the walk up to our house and in the back (but all of that still took a while because it was so deep). There has been a constant hum of snowblowers going all morning around the neighborhood.

Here's a happier Eli, showing me what his little toy puppy does with his tongue.
Playing with his alphabet ball - Eli loves the alphabet song and sings the first part by himself - "ABCDEFG..." and then mumbles or fills in letters here and there at the end of the song.
Taking pictures of this sweet boy usually puts me in a good mood. Last night Eli woke up a few times crying, but it was much easier to soothe him and he fell back asleep pretty quickly each time, which was an improvement over the last few nights.
Ben's finishing the final touches on painting the baby's room today. It will feel so good to have his room put back together and get more things ready for the little guy's arrival. Eli and I are still in our pjs and I'm feeling grateful for a warm, cozy house, especially on days when winter feels like it isn't going away anytime soon.

And lastly, my favorite word of Eli's for the day is "slippery" - he likes to slide around in his socks on the hardwood floor and saying the word over and over again. He also keeps saying "ding dong," referring to the other day when the doorbell rang a few times. Funny boy.


Rachel said...

Hey Sarah,
Sorry yesterday was so awful. Having sick little ones is so hard, especially when you aren't feeling great yourself. I'm glad Ben is home today, and that you are getting the baby room put together. So exciting -- I can't wait to see pictures of it. You didn't mention what the dr. said at your appointment yesterday -- is anything happening? Are you dialated at all? Hope you are making progress.

Amber Ro said...

I am so glad you are doing better. I wish I lived closer to help you out. Those last few weeks of pregnancy are rough without the added issues of sick kiddos, etc.
Good luck these next few weeks. I can't wait to see photos of the new little guy!