Monday, March 24, 2008

Sick at Home and Watching TV

I have been home sick with bronchitis all weekend, which was so sad to me because yesterday was Easter and my Gram's 83rd birthday. We had planned on having my family at our place for dinner, but ended up not getting together since I was so sick.

Ben was nice and took Eli out with him to different places, so I got some breaks and was able to rest, but I also ended up lying on the couch watching a lot of t.v. I watched some shows that I had recorded on the DVR, but soon was ready for something besides Law and Order reruns. Last night I scrolled through the guide and two shows caught my eye - "I Can Make You Thin" and "Play Piano in a Flash." Here are my reviews.

I Can Make You Thin - it's a new show on TLC where British weight-loss guru Paul McKenna discusses 4 simple techniques that will connect you with your body's hunger signals and help you have a healthy relationship with food. Apparently this show has been a huge hit in Britain. Here are his rules:
  1. When You're Hungry, Eat!
  2. Eat What you Want
  3. Eat Consciously
  4. When You Think You're Full, Stop

Ben and I both feel like we have a tendency to overeat, especially if we're at a restaurant or eating takeout. It was really interesting to hear this McKenna's suggestions for becoming more in tune to when you're hungry and full. He emphasizes that this isn't a diet, but he does feature people on his show who have lost a lot of weight after following the guidelines.

This week we're going to practice one of his suggestions: when you take a bite of food, chew it a quarter of the speed you normally chew, and with each bite, put the fork DOWN! (McKenna says this is key) We tried it at dinner last night, and it's hard to do! I hardly ever put my fork or spoon down because I feel like I need to hurry and help Eli or get things cleaned up. The other thing McKenna suggested - try eating with your eyes closed! He says you will be way more in tune when you are actually full. (And if you don't eat a lot in one sitting and you're hungry 10 minutes later, go back and have more to eat, but only until you're full).

Overall, I thought the show was interesting and plan on watching the rest of the shows in his 5-part series. This is the 12th and last week of the Healthy Living Challenge... while I am a little tired of following the rules, I do want to continue being healthy.

Play Piano in a Flash: this was on a PBS channel. It caught my eye because I took years of piano lessons but have lost most of my piano skills. This show apparently is in its ninth season, but I was tired of it after the first eight minutes. Piano Guy Scott Houston gives LENGTHY explanations on everything and it was painful to watch. I finally turned it off when I couldn't stand it anymore. So much for relearning how to play piano in a flash :)

Let me know if you have any favorite new shows to watch... I am always looking for something different to put on our DVR list!


LINDSAY said...

I'm so sorry you are still so sick. Not fun. I've had a cold the last couple of days and it's not fun. I'm sad you missed your Easter dinner. Get feeling better.

The Millers said...

Hey, I watched "I Can Make You Thin" last Sunday, but forgot to watch it last night. It sounds like we saw the same episode, though. I wonder if it was a repeat? I thought it was so interesting -- such simple rules, yet still difficult for me to follow. I like eating till I feel stuffed, even though I know I shouldn't. I would be the first to admit that I have an unhealthy relationship with food! Anyway, hope get feeling better soon.

Krazy Khania said...

I really hope you feel better. As far as TV goes I really like "The Soup" on E! It reviews all the useless tv shows and recaps the hilarious parts for you. The host is funny and the show is a half hour and so you can get through it quickly. Not good for kids though.

emandteem said...

Hope you feel better, that's no fun. I thought we had bad weather for easter, but it looks like it could've been worse.

The Yost Family said...

Sorry you're sick- no fun! Thanks for the info on the shows. I don't really have any shows for you to DVR. One of my favorites just got cancelled :( Jericho. I'm trying to let my shows die off and not start any new ones. I now spend my time reading blogs :)

Beckie said...

the other eating tip I heard one time was when you are eating and you take that first breath - that is your bady telling you it is full. I find when I listen to that breath - I don't over feed myself. I will have to take a look at that show.
I hope you are feeling better soon!
As far as shows - I use to really like Medium - I just started watching it again, i like it. Dancing with the stars - I also have my tivo set for the food net work Challenge the last one we watched was Dr Suess Cakes.

James and Angela said...

Hi, I saw your blog on LDS women bloggers. Sorry you're sick, I have been too. Lots of nasty stuff going around, hopefully you'll get better soon. My brother and sister in law live in the Chicago area, I think they're getting tired of the snow and are planning on a move to Florida. I've been wanting to see that show also, but I keep forgetting to watch it. I guess I could DVR it, but I don't remember to do that either... The only show I ever watch is LOST... because that is the only one I will sit and watch with my remote control button pusher husband. :) Cute blog! ~Angela

Mrs. Dub said...

what if you typically use your hand to shovel your food in at a rapid pace? does that mean i have to put my hand down?

Mike, Jess & Elijah said...

Feel better soon, Sarah! Hope you are able to relax and catch up on TV!

shontz said...

i feel like your little family has been sick forever! yuk! i'm so sorry! brooke and matthew are just starting something and i'm already dreading the course it will positively take through our house. not fun. hope you get better soon! (ps, never underestimate the power of chicken soup and jello!)