Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ready for Spring

There's only so many things we can do in our little space. Eli and I are both going a little crazy as we spend the days doing the same things over and over:
Eli plays with the Leapfrog table (and walks away from it)
Eli pushes the push toys
He plays with the blocks inside (this is the best toy!)
throws the blocks
and likes to pick up scraps of cheerios off the floor

As exciting as this is... we're ready for spring. Too bad it's supposed to snow on Friday :)


Sara said...

Hi Sarah!

I came across your blog and thought I'd say hello! Eli is absolutely adorable and your blog is lovely. I'm living in London now, but my email is dunski@illinoisalumni.org if you are ever up for a chat.


Will & Natalie Giddens said...

I don't blame you. By mid-March is just feels like it should be Spring. I know most of the country, ahem Chicago, still have snow and that just seems wrong. Good luck taming that Spring Fever!

The Millers said...

Eli is so cute, Sarah! Really, I hope we can get him and Reagan together soon. They would have a lot of fun together.

Krazy Khania said...

I love this little guy!!

Aaron and Emily said...

My parents gave Adele that same toy with the blocks inside. Adele never played with it. She hardly even pushed the thing.

Eli is so cute walking around!

I liked your squash soup recipe. I told Danielle to make it, so it was even better because I got to eat it without the work!

jcsev said...

It seems like he is changing with every picture you post! I love his two top teeth! You can just barely see Kaelan's two bottom teeth now. Teeth really change their face, make them look like a toddler! It goes by too fast! I want a toy like that!! Kaelan would love it, but we don't really need anymore toys, they just have so many better things now!

Beckie said...

Eli, I am SO with you on this we are ready for spring too!!! I love looking at how you spend your day.

Sarah Smith said...

Jack has that same shirt.."I have the worlds greatest dad." So cute! I can't believe he is walking! He is probably covered in bruises on his shins, huh?!