Tuesday, May 26, 2009

All Things Elmo and Cookie Monster

It’s obvious that Eli has a big love for Elmo and Cookie Monster, so he was very excited when he opened his birthday present from Aunt Babz (an Elmo DVD – he had to open it using his prized scissors and watched it that day :)

DSC_7087 DSC_7094

We later remembered a present we had bought for Eli’s birthday a while ago – a battery-operated Sesame Street toothbrush! He loves watching me and Ben brush our teeth with our Sonicare toothbrushes, so it’s fun that he has one like ours, but with Elmo and C on the front (I think it’s the GUM brand)!

 DSC_7217 DSC_7227

Also, one of Eli’s favorite families from church gave him a Cookie Monster t-shirt!! It’s awesome and you’ll see pictures of it this weekend when he wears it on Saturday for a C is for Cookie party.

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