Saturday, May 30, 2009

Latest Stats

Charlie at 4 Months: 15 1/2 lbs (50-75%), 25” height (50%), 16 3/4 head circ. (50%) – rolling over and prefers to sleep on his tummy now
DSC_7267 Eli at 2 Years: 25 lbs, 4 oz (10%), 34 1/4” height (50%) – peed on the potty for the first time on Thursday night! (hasn’t happened again since, which is just fine – but the one time was exciting)DSC_7306 Cute Brothers!
DSC_7308 DSC_7310

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Young Family said...

It is fun to see Charlie in the Bumbo. I have to be really careful putting Parker in it now. He is so skinny he can turn sideways in it and then climbs up and over the edge and ends up on his face on the floor.

Your boys are adorable. I'm glad Eli had a great birthday party.