Friday, May 15, 2009


We got a bubble machine to use for Eli’s birthday (he turns two next week!) and Eli had fun trying it out today. It’s amazing how many bubbles this thing churns out (and how much bubble solution it goes through in just a few minutes…) Our church nursery has something similar and the kids love it at the end of each Sunday!

DSC_5987DSC_5964 DSC_5972 DSC_5978 DSC_5986


Laura said...

what a great bubble machine! I had one for harrison but i think he broke it. I can't believe how big Charlie is! I agree with the weight of the carseat + kid thing--I don't know how people do it! I have gotten some carrier for me to hold the kids, I think its easier on my body than carrying that big thing everywhere! He does have the cutest little face! Tummy time is always a little hard on them it seems but i guess that is how they learn to roll--they do anything to get off their tummy :)!

Amber Ro said...

What a fun idea to get a bibble machine. I've never seen one before. I'm just noticing as I look through your blog what a fabulous photographer you are. Your kids are lucky to have such fabuulous photos documenting their lives.