Thursday, May 21, 2009

Eli’s Birthday Bathtime

Eli was filthy by the end of his birthday, so we threw him in the bath before bedtime. A few things to note – check out the sad scrape on his knee, which he got when he biffed it walking off of a curb and losing his balance.


Also, this was the first time he has ever taken a bath in the bathtub, without some other bath device. When he was a newborn, he used the baby bath mat that the baby lays on, and once he could sit up, he used a blow-up tub that fits inside the regular bathtub, and it helps protect the baby from tipping over and hitting the hard tub.

Eli could have obviously moved up to the regular tub sooner than this, but he LOVES his blow-up tub, which is decorated with fish. I decided to get him some wind-up bath toys for part of his birthday present, with the caveat that it would be fun to use them in the big tub. He had a blast playing with these (the blue one he called the Mommy and the green one was the baby – it was hilarious listening to him play).

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