Wednesday, May 06, 2009

How Eli Stays Busy

My days seem to go pretty fast lately, though it's funny seeing what fills them. Here are some pictures from what Eli has enjoyed doing this week:

Eli loves putting this hamper over his head and walking around with it (it usually stores balls in the playroom)
Watching out the window...
Stuffing the ball popper with toys that don't belong (like Mater who is sliding down the ramp, about to get stuck)
Enjoying Charlie's toys and getting stuck because he's too big :)
Enjoying his coloring and sticker books
Realizing it's fun to climb on top of the table - and getting on and off a million times
Playing with his favorite stuffed animal - froggy


Zurmely family said...

we eventually had to completely disassemble our popper because they lodged the car keys sandwiched between legos in there.

Aimee said...

Fun pictures! We have the same popper (although it looks like they've changed it a little, our end isn't capped like yours is) and my kids like to fill it with random stuff, too. Benjamin has been enjoying it lately.