Thursday, May 21, 2009

Birthday Afternoon

After naps we went over to the fun shops near our house and picked out cupcakes for dessert (for after dinner) and I also let him get a dog cookie that he could enjoy right then. He LOVED the cookie and it was hilarious to see him snuggle with it, talk to it, etc. (see the video clip for an example of his cookie love) He got frosting all over the side of his face from that snuggling :)

Below – in the first picture, he was pointing/announcing the letters on the sign outside the gelato shop. In the second one we were in Paper Source, where he has his favorite stuffed animals that he always gives hugs to when we’re in there (he especially loves the huge, soft panda). Funny kid! He told the employees at the Paper Source that he was 2 as soon as we walked in to the store, and pretty much anyone we passed out on the sidewalk. Lots of strangers gave him big smiles and wished him a happy birthday.

DSC02140 DSC02143 DSC02131 DSC02134

Eli Snuggles the Dog Cookie from Sarah on Vimeo.

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jcsev said...

Wow! What a special day for him!! I think that it's great that you have so much detail on your blog. It will be so great looking back. I wish these were around when I had Levi, it would be so great to have all that info down from oldest to youngest!