Friday, May 08, 2009

Some Highlights (and Lowlights)

The kids I used to nanny for always share highlights and lowlights at dinner each night, and for some reason I had a running list of highlights and lowlights going through my head this morning. Here are a few of them:

Highlight: Going swimming yesterday with some friends. I don't think Eli had been in a pool since he was a baby and it was funny watching him get used to walking around in water. He got the hang of it after a while, but in the beginning he looked pretty tipsy and went under a few times. Charlie was asleep in his car seat for the first half, but then woke up and I brought him in the pool too. I was grateful for help from my friend who helped me with my kids the rest of the time!

Lowlight: Wearing a bathing suit on for the first time after having Charlie. It's one thing to put it on; it's another to wear it in a pool, where it clings to every un-toned, chubby part of your body. Not my favorite thing.

Highlight: Deciding I'd better get my butt outside this morning and exercise since it was a nice day. I threw the boys in the stroller, jogged for about four blocks, and walked fast the rest of the time :) I am not in shape, but it felt good to get out and we walked for more than an hour along the lake. I love living near Lake Michigan!

Lowlight: We stopped at the park on the way home - Eli was getting restless by the end of our walk and I knew he would be happy to run around on the playground and dig in the sand. However, Charlie soon became hungry and was really fussy, so we needed to leave and go home. Eli threw a HUGE fit, screaming, kicking, yelling, "NOOOOOOOOOO" as I put him in the stroller. The park was full of nannies talking on their cell phones and a group of moms who all seemed to know each other (they all had the same look - tall, skinny, 35+, with well groomed toddlers - I really looked like the mom who didn't belong) and I was embarrassed to draw attention like that.

Highlight: Eli cheered up when we came home, ate lunch, and happily played in the bathroom while I took a long shower (Charlie went down for a nap before that). I love listening to him play happily and I love when taking a shower is not stressful.

Lowlight: I've had hip/muscle pain on my right side for the last week now. I have a feeling it's related to carrying Charlie in his car seat, because it is SO heavy. I know that my core is still weak from being pregnant/having a baby, so it seems like my other muscles are compensating and something strange is going on. It strange--it hurts pretty much all the time, though it's much worse when I'm carrying the car seat or standing on my right foot when I'm getting dressed and not as bad if I'm just walking around without carrying anything/anyone. Has anyone else had this hip pain before??

I'll end on a highlight: It's a beautiful day! The sun is shining, it's in the 70s and just a little humid, so it feels perfect. I'm happy it's almost the weekend. AND - both boys are napping right now! I'm really thankful for some time for myself.


jcsev said...

Great list Sarah! I like that idea "Highlights" and "lowlights", we do the same thing only our names are much less creative. We call it the "Best and Worst" of the day. I think I like your labels better!!

Rachael said...

I really wish I could have walked with you. I miss those days but I am glad that you enjoyed the day.

Young Family said...

We call them apples and onions.

Mostess Mommy said...

The pool was fun and you'll have to keep coming now that Eli loves it! :) I think I told you I had the same lower back/hip pain and the chirpractor really helped but chirpractors aren't too cheap unless you have good insurance that will cover it. I used to pay about $35 each time to get an adjustment but it was TOTALLY worth it! Until then, take 2 aleve a day for the inflammation. Also, you can get a foam roller at most sports stores and if you roll your back on that at night or after a long walk, it might help stretch out your muscles. Hope that helps!

Krazy Khania said...

Yea that sounds like a great Friday!

Heather said...

We are just getting to that tantrum stage, where T starts kicking if I take her away from something she's enjoying. The upside of this particular lowlight is that it usually means she's ready for a nap, and naps are definitely a highlight.

Jenna said...

I loved your post. It made me feel normal. Thanks for sharing! Call me if you ever want to meet up by the lake and walk.