Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Before and After of My Bruised Little Guy

Before Eli's fall today - my cute little guy in his darling jammies from my friend Jennie:

And a few pictures from tonight - check out the huge bump/bruise in the middle of his forehead! Poor little guy.

So as I explained in the post above, Eli got this shiner from falling off of a chair at stool height. He cried pretty hard initially, and I put him down for his nap about 45 minutes after the accident because he seemed fine. Then he woke up after only an hour and a half nap (short for this one-napping child) and was crying SO hard. I tried all kinds of things to console him, but he kept crying and started coughing - hard. I ran into the bathroom with him and thankfully he just threw up on the tile floor (and got some in the toilet at least), rather than on our bedroom carpet.

I have to say - smelling your son's vomit when you're pregnant is not the most pleasant experience. I was doing my best to breathe my nose as I hugged him close and tried to calm him down, this time because he was upset from throwing up. I gave him a bath and called the pediatrician, who said he should probably be checked out, in case he had a mild concussion. We ran over there after his bath, and thankfully he seems to be okay and didn't need x-rays. He even got his flu shot since our next regular appointment isn't until November, and while he cried before and after the shot, he immediately stopped when he realized the nurse gave him a Spiderman band-aid. Suddenly the tears disappeared! Amazing.

Anyway, we'll watch Eli closely for the next day or so, but he ate like normal and didn't throw up anything else since the afternoon. Tonight we made lots of progress on the third bedroom, unpacking a few last boxes and rearranging furniture. Eli kept throwing himself on the bed's comforter, laughing and laughing. I think he'll be okay, but will be sporting a nice big bruise for a little while...


Beckie said...

Cute pjs for sure

Marci said...

I just want to squish him in those jammies! They look so soft and cuddley. I'm glad he's ok - I'm sure it was scary he threw up after!

Laura said...

Have you ever used ARNICA for bruises? It is a miracle cream!!!! You can get it at homeopathic stores (there used to be one right there on Central St. next to Great Harvest)and many grocery stores. I use it almost daily with the boys and you would be amazed at the bruises that don't ever happen because of that stuff!! Just rub a little on within 30 minutes of the "incident" and a bruise never appears! In fact, I used it just yesterday when Aidan fell head first off the back of the couch onto the hard floor. ouch---but no bruise!

Also, if it makes you feel any better: my Eli learned how to get out of his crib when he was 11 months old and took a tumble head first onto the hardwood floor in the bedroom. He immediately started throwing up, then tried to fall asleep. Scary moments, so I can relate to your drama! But my Eli turned out fine, and I'm sure yours will too!

Aimee said...

Poor guy! Glad he seems okay now. My Nathan had a similar fall a while back and then threw up - I called my on-call doctor Chris and he said throwing up a little after a head injury is pretty normal, but if he kept doing it then we should take him in. Sounds like you got the same advice, and both our boys will be just fine, after the bump wears off!

Sarah S said...

Thanks for the tip Laura!! I'm going to totally buy ARNICA! And there is still that store down on Central near Great Harvest. I should buy two bottles - one for the diaper bag and one for at home :)