Saturday, September 13, 2008

This Mama is For Obama

Love this shirt! Too bad they don't have maternity sizes or I'd snatch one up!

Find the above shirt here.

I may get this for Eli though!


Wendy Weiler King said...

Sarah! As you know I've been dealing w/ no internet so I'm playing catch up... congrats on a BOY! He and Eli will be best of friends... not to mention easy-breezy recycling all those boy clothes, toys, etc. CONGRATS! When is your due date again??

Sarah S said...

Thanks Wendy! My due date is Jan. 25th - and I am thrilled to get more use out of Eli's clothes. I bought way too much this time around, so it will be nice to give those more wear!

Sarah Beck said...

I'm thinking about getting myself an Obama shirt...I've phone canvassed for the Obama campaign in Fargo the past two weeks. Maybe if I rewarded myself with a shirt, I'd have the guts to do door to door canvassing