Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's Wet Here too

I've been following a lot of the Hurricane Ike news and feeling so sad about all of the destruction. Chicago is getting hit with a ton of rain, obviously not comparable to what's happening in Galveston or Houston, but I took some pictures this morning to show how much rain we've had in the last few hours. Here are some cars driving in front of our house:

In the meantime, we've discovered our basement is not as waterproof as the sellers alleged it to be. Ben is outside in the torrential rain trying to block off our window wells because they are filling up with water and causing problems. Fun fun. I guess it's a good thing the tile guy kept flaking on me this week after all, because we don't have anything over the cement at the moment.

We're supposed to get more heavy rain through today and then again tomorrow, in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. It makes me want to stay inside and not go anywhere!


Sarah Beck said...

I read on CNN about Chicago having the most rain in something lik 189 years. Hope you guys and your house stay dry!

Aaron and Emily said...

this is from the hurricane?

Jonathan said...

wow... you could water ski behind that car!