Friday, September 19, 2008

Fun Friday

We took advantage of the beautiful weather (high 70s) today and went to the zoo with my mom today. I realize these animals/spots at the zoo may look familiar since we were there a few weeks ago, but I'm including them here for our sake at least. It was a wonderful day and I am thoroughly exhausted!!

Eli was in and out of the stroller constantly - and would get SO excited about seeing all of the different animals.

Above: Eli and Grandma taking a snack break
Below: Eli and Grandpa (my dad was working in the city today and came by afterward to pick up my mom)
Tonight we had the Mike, Saralyn, Drew, Caroline, and Will over for a VERY belated birthday dinner for Mike (it was in JULY). I feel bad it took us this long to officially celebrate, but that's how it ended up since we were packing and moving around his actual birthday.

Above: Drew in our backyard
Below: Singing happy birthday. After dinner we watched a few movie clips from when I used to nanny for Drew and Caroline. It's crazy to realize how much they have grown and changed over the years! I love them so much. And Will is a cute, happy little baby! I can't believe he's already 7 months.


jcsev said...

I think that it is really neat that you still get to do many things with those kids. You will always have a special bond with them, I think. How great for them, to still have you in their lives.

Beckie said...

what a fun friday
I can't believe how big Drew is. that is a very cute picture of him.
it's great that you still keep in touch with them!

Danielle said...

Wow! Drew is a big kid! I'm so jealous that Mom and Dad get to come see you in a couple weeks... on MY birthday none the less...

We're hanging out in Sacramento today, and we almost went to the Sacramento Zoo, but can you believe it closes at 1:30 pm on Saturdays?? Duh...

Natalie said...

THAT is baby DREW? Seriously?! What, is he like 12 now?!? Just kidding. They get big so fast!!!