Thursday, September 18, 2008

Biggest Meal of the Day

Eli looks chubby, but he's really a lightweight. His 12-18 month pants barely stay up because he's so little. I'm always worried he's not eating enough. But at least he eats a consistent, normal amount for breakfast (lunch and dinner are way less predictable).

Cheerios with milk are his current staple. Sometimes he'll have a piece of fruit too.

My 15-month-old feeding himself is no clean process, but that's okay.

He tries all kinds of methods to get the food in his mouth.

So far he's never thrown the glass bowl off of his tray.

Sometimes he gets impatient and picks up a handful with his hands.

And notice he alternates using left and right hands when using the spoon. I eat with both hands (I'm right handed, but like doing some things ambidextrously), so I'm wondering if he'll do the same? I think he's a righty in general though.


Kelly Durham said...

Those pictures feel very familiar to me! Except at the end of her meals, Sadie dumps everything left in the bowl/on the plate either on to the floor or into her lap! I'm trying to break her of this habit but it's not going so well.

He's so cute! I love how hard he is trying to get those Cheerios in!

Rachel said...

Cute pictures. We were convinced Elle was a lefty, because she used both hands a lot, but seemed to favor her left. And then around three/four she settled on her right. I've heard it is pretty common for kids to use both for a while. I always thought it would be fun to have a lefty though -- makes them a bit unique!

Laura said...

Melissa's kids love cereal more than anything. When Jack was learning to talk he'd always ask "can I please have cereal instead." Maybe Eli would be guaranteed to eat lunch and dinner if he could have cereal for every meal. :-)

Young Family said...

Sometimes I wish Hayden would just let me feed him. Cleaning up all that mess gets a little old.