Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Learning Fast

Every day, Eli says new things or understands new concepts that amaze me. On Sunday night, I started to bake some brownies and he wanted to help. So he found the stool, carried it over to where I was mixing things, and climbed up so he could have a better view. Last night he was wired and running around like crazy. We kept having him repeat random words and he would do it. He is a wild and crazy, fun little boy.


Kelly Durham said...

Isn't it amazing how fast their vocabularies are increasing? Sadie could barely say anything a month ago. Now she's saying something new every day. I think this age we're at right now is just about the cutest there is! Eli, as always, is darling!

Amber Ro said...

...and so dang cute!
How are you feeling these days?

Marci said...

Sarah, You HAVE to read the books! I was totally like you and was not buying into the hype, but they are really good! If you are a romantic at heart you will LOVE them :-)! Just read the first one and see what you think! I was SOOOO skeptical.

Eli is adorable by the way! Are you feeling a lot better these days?