Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Rain is Relentless!

I seriously have never witnessed this much rain in my life. For the last two and a half days, it has heavily rained and rained and rained (Ben joked yesterday that we might need an ark if this continues). You can't really tell in this picture, but our backyard is one squishy, mushy, area of grass and mud. Our grass is the greenest it's been since we moved in.

We have several friends with inches of water in their basements and have seen lots of houses in this area with ruined carpet out on the curb. Our water problems seem so minor in comparison - Ben fixed our basement water problems yesterday by covering the window wells with tarps and boxes, and so far it's keeping things under control.

It doesn't usually rain like this here. Sure, we have big storms. Spring is a wet season. But I have never experienced a September this wet. Thankfully it's supposed to be dry tomorrow. In the meantime, parks have newly-formed ponds, streets are full of inches of water, parts of the highways are closed, and towns around Chicago in a state of emergency because of rivers overflowing and houses flooding.

Since when is Chicago affected by hurricanes? (I guess now it's a "tropical depression") Good luck Canada... it's headed your way.


emily&david said...

As one recently in Ike's pathway, I feel your pain. The sun has come out today though so life's looking a lot more, well, sunny!

emily&david said...

PS - I didn't catch on that you were prego! Still eating 4 grapefruits a day? ;)

kell-bell said...

Driving to conference this morning, Jim as kept pointing our car towards the get the biggest splash possible. I can't believe all this rain!!

Laura said...

I usually like the first rain of the season after a hot summer. But the amounts you've been having does not sound fun. Glad to hear your house is mostly safe from water damage.

The Yost Family said...

I felt like that last year- it rained 30 days in 2 months. I was thinking about that ark.

Hope you are doing well with the pregnancy! WE're more than halfway!